What Are the Health Benefits of Magnesium?

There’s a lot of hype around magnesium and its benefits. After all, magnesium is considered to be the MVP of minerals according to Olivia Wagner, RDN. As a matter of fact, your body uses magnesium for over 300 functions and a magnesium deficiency can have long term effects – like premature aging according to Everyday Health.

The best way to know for sure if you are experiencing a magnesium deficiency is get tested by a health professional but symptoms include mental health disorders (including insomnia), osteoporosis and asthma to name a few (Healthline).

But even you do not suffer from chronic magnesium deficiency there are many benefits to ensuring you are getting enough into your body to maintain optimal health. Learn more about the benefits of magnesium, which type and how much magnesium your body needs and how you can get more of it into your body in What Are the Health Benefits of Magnesium? by Everyday Health.


Product Recommendation – Magnesium
Guardly’s Magnesium is Glycinate, which is magnesium bound to glycine. This type of supplement has very good absorption levels. That means your body can make the most of it once it’s ingested.

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