Gut Spring Cleaning? 7-Day Detox with Psyllium Husk + Chlorella

If you’ve been following Guardly on Facebook or Instagram you know all about the newest herbal supplement added, Psyllium Husk + Chlorella. If you are already using Guardly’s ACV and Carb Attack for weight management this product will be a great addition to your regimen – and it might help you shed a couple of extra pounds before summer hits!

First, I’d like to share with you two incredibly enlightening articles from Healthline, so you have an idea of why I’m such a fan of this product and what it can do for you:

Now, here’s the low-down on how to do the 7-day detox with Psyllium Husk + Chlorella (super easy and simple): take two (2) capsules with first meal and two (2) capsules with last meal daily for seven (7) days. Drink at least eight (8) cups of water daily for best results.

Because the detox may have a diuretic and laxative cleansing effect, I recommend you start it on a weekend. I also recommend that you stay away from processed foods during the 7-day detox to give your body a break from preservatives, GMO and other unhealthy additives in packaged foods.

In my next blog post I will get into the difference between probiotics and prebiotics and why your gut needs both.


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Product Recommendation – Psyllium Husk + Chlorella
Guardly’s Psyllium Husk + Chlorella can be taken as a daily supplement or a 7-day detox cleanse. It is 85% psyllium husk powder (1080 mg) and 50 mg chlorella. It also contains an acai berry extract proprietary blend for complete detoxification support.

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