Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C, the Holy Grail of Skin-Care Ingredients

Vitamin C Serum

This week’s blog post is all about how Vitamin C Serum may help you achieve smoother, brighter, and younger-looking skin — and how to choose a quality serum without breaking the bank.

So what is Vitamin C Serum? You normally reach for vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on but did you know it can deliver a smooth, glowing complexion? Vitamin C is naturally present in your skin, where it helps promote collagen and antioxidant levels. Unfortunately, just eating more oranges isn’t going to get more vitamin c into your skin. That’s because your epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin, doesn’t have blood vessels to send nutrients to your skin cells, according to a Nutrients study.

But not to worry, Vitamin C can be applied topically — and that’s where vitamin C serums come in. today there are many Vitamin C Serums out there, varying greatly in potency and price.

You’ll find vitamin C in a few different forms, L-ascorbic acid being the most researched and the most biologically active. Here’s how to make sure you choose the right serum for your needs:

  • Pay attention to the vitamin C concentration levels (usually referred to as L-ascorbic acid or ascorbic acid). It usually ranges from 5% to 20% - the higher the concentration, the stronger the serum, though the benefits taper off at 20%. I recommend at least 15% for best results.
  • Look for a serum that contains vitamin E, which delivers vitamin C more effectively, according to the Nutrients Ferulic acid is also a good addition — it helps stabilize vitamin C and make it less likely to irritate your skin.
  • Stay away from products with lengthy ingredient lists, less is more when it comes to chemical additives. Some contain added yellow dyes and citrus perfumes, this is not necessary to achieve great results.

My last but not least bit of advice, store your Vitamin C Serum in a cool place and do not keep for more than six months after opening. Using the serum past its shelf life can actually be harmful for your skin.

Allure recently published a great article, Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin C, the Holy Grail of Skin-Care Ingredients, which highlights in more detail the benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum and how to use it for best results – check it out to get the full story! 

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